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  • 24 Feb 2009 9:19 PM
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    Take a moment to introduce yourself to the group. Tell us what you do and give links to your website.
  • 27 Feb 2009 8:40 PM
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    Hi! I'm Kate Amon, owner of Kate's Caring Gifts located in Fremont.

    We offer People and Earth Friendly Gifts, which includes Organic Fair Trade Gourmet Food (like CHOCOLATE), Organic and Natural Body Care, Baby and Children's Gifts, and Ecological Home Decor.

    Primarily we're online retailers right now, but our local customer base is growing.  I try to source locally as well. So if you make eco products that can be gifty and sell them wholesale, please let me know what you have!

    Ordering can be done online at, by phone 510-656-GIFT(4438), or coming down to our "Warehouse O' Wonders" here in south Fremont. Hours are Mon-Fri 9am-5pm.

    Use checkout code "GOSBA" for 20% off your order.

    In Harmony,

                  - Kate Amon

    Owner, Kate's Caring Gifts
    "People and Earth Friendly Gifts"
    45953 Warm Springs Blvd, Suite 2
    Fremont  CA 94539
    website:    <= Easy online shopping

    Toll Free in U.S. 1-877-379-GIFT (4438)
    Phone: 510-656-GIFT(4438)
    Fax:   510-657-GOOD(4663)

    Proud to Be a Bay Area Certified Green Business
    Member Green America (Co-op America prior to Jan 2009)
    Member Sustainable Business Alliance
  • 19 May 2009 12:53 PM
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    My name is Julie Gieseke, I live in San Francisco and I am a Visual Facilitator. What this means is that I help individuals and groups see more clearly, by capturing conversations with words and images in mural sized maps that are drawn in real time. This facilitates almost any process by reflecting back to the participants what is being said, to track and keep on track with their goals.

    As a member of an international association of Visual Practitioners (, there are many practitioners within our community of practice that are involved in and committed to systemic sustainability. The questions we pose to our community is, "How can we as visual practitioners contribute to creating a sustainable world, What are we called to do?"

    Our unique skills of deep listening, synthesizing and systems thinking help the people we work with to see the larger systems that they are a part of and how they impact that systems as individuals and groups. This certainly can help any organization begin to see themselves in the larger system of community, globe and kosmos. We also contribute to a deeper understanding and learning by offering information in multiple formats than may be tapped into in a verbal discussion. The use of imagery and symbols can often communicate ideas in complex layers that language alone may not offer.

    As Visual Practitioners, we are curious about what sustainability looks like. There are several projects that are looking at collecting and creating these images of sustainability, in the hopes that by clarifying the vision, there will be greater alignment and momentum as we move towards it. As a member of SBA, I am looking to this community for feedback and ideas on how we might create a collective vision of sustainability, that can be integrated and included in part of a larger global vision.  In addition, as Visual Practitioners ask themselves how their unique contribution can be best used in service to sustainability, what ideas come to mind? Your thoughts are greatly appreciated and deeply considered.

  • 10 Jan 2011 11:50 PM
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    Warm greetings to members of the Sustainable Business Alliance.

    I am a recent Northern Arizona University graduate with a shiny new degree in environmental management. I am endlessly excited and inspired by the work that all SBA members do. 

    In 2006, I started off as a biology student at NAU, and after my first year of spending all day in labs, weighed down by the growing feeling of insignificance behind microscopes and petri dishes, I quickly realized my passion was in studying the broader connections between humans and their environment. I decided my studies should match the phenomenal scale of the issues we face in the 21st century. When I switched my major to environmental science with an emphasis in management, my profound sense of urgency to be part of the cultural shift necessary to mitigate climate change and interrelated issues was honed into professional experience. I worked my way up to President of the student group Campus Climate Challenge, where I led a successful campaign to establish a Green Fund at NAU. The Green Fund is made possible by a $5 per-student mandatory fee that finances student-managed campus sustainability projects. The Green Fund, approximately $200,000 per year, currently funds renewable energy installations and energy and water efficiency projects at NAU, while essentially saving the university money and providing opportunities for NAU students to build hands-on job skills.

    I have gained relevant professional experience in the sustainability field throughout my undergraduate career. My experience ranges from technical to interpersonal, from energy consulting for Nebraskan tribal governments to peer mentoring EcoHouse Learning Community Students. I am passionate about communicating and applying smart business models based on whole-systems thinking and collaboration to face complex 21st century challenges. I am seeking professional experience that supports my ultimate goal of becoming a sustainability coordinator or consultant for a mission-oriented organization in the Bay Area.

    As professionals whom I deeply admire, I would be thrilled to network and exchange insights as often as possible. I am incredibly appreciative of any tips or connections that you might provide in my search for an entry-level sustainability job in the Bay Area, and I hope you will reach out.


    Please visit my LinkedIn Profile for more information.




    Jane Stewart

    Motivated Sustainability Job Seeker

  • 08 Sep 2011 1:49 AM
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    Hi everyone, I thought I'd take a moment to introduce myself. I operate Sarai, a small computer services company based in San Francisco. I started the company in 2005 as an independent computer consultant from my apartment in Alameda. My purpose was to provide high quality and affordable IT consulting services to nonprofit organizations.

    Today I have five employees and our clients, both small businesses and nonprofit organizations, are located throughout the San Francisco Bay area. This past year I joined the Land's End chapter of Business Networking International, and I have gotten so much from this networking group that I thought I would look for networking group to help me connect with my East Bay community.

    I look forward to meeting people and creating new relationships through the Sustainable Business Alliance. 
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